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Theatrical shows for the whole family.


The Cia. Alvo Theater Company is committed to Theater Productions that transcend labels and is an open invitation to all.

In a country where over 80% of the population identifies as Christian, it is essential for the Art to explore texts that are part of the daily culture of millions of people.

And in doing so, the artistic vision plays a fundamental role in bringing a questioning perspective. Our shows address contemporary conflicts that we experience as a society, as well as those experienced intimately by each one of us.

Our plays are based on biblical texts, but they don’t stop there. With a contemporary approach, everything is always seen from rich perspectives, bringing historical elements. To accomplish this, we rely on the rich experiences of our theatrical, audiovisual, dance, and music departments.

The result is Art Performance that entertain a wide audience.

We merge ancient texts, contemporary life, art, and social vision – all to create a unique experience of entertainment and meditation, leaving our unique mark in the world.

Throughout our 10 years, we have already developed several social projects related to art. Some of the projects that the Cia. Alvo Theater Company has created involve classes in public schools, working with the deaf community, as well as music and theatrical arts classes for young people in situations of social vulnerability.

Our shows aim to provide entertainment and provoke meditation, while our practice also involves taking action to make the world a better place.


No worries: It’s not uncommon for plays and other artistic expressions to gain notoriety for being shocking. This often creates apprehension in many people about going to the theater, unsure of what they will be exposed to; or exposed their children to.

But it shouldn’t be that way! Everyone should have access to theatrical art, which can be a source of good meditation and inspiration on profound topics that touch the soul.

We understand that it can be challenging to find artistic performances that align with classical virtues and values.

For 10 years, we have been writing, producing, and presenting plays that convey the relevance of ancient texts to contemporary issues that are common to each one of us.

With a repertoire of 4 big productions over the years, we have performed in various cities, enchanting thousands of theatre-goers of all ages across the country.

We are confident that you too will be captivated and enjoy every minute of our shows!


Fabiano Moreira

Director and Founder

With nearly 20 years of experience in theater, Fabiano Moreira has been involved in Art Projects that combine music, staging, production, and directing performances, bringing purpose and art together throughout his career.

He leads the Cia. Alvo Theater Company as a director and project coordinator, while also engaging in other projects and areas of activity.


Our performances are the result of deep and intense creative processes. Each production takes months or even years of study and preparation until it reach the stage. All this is done to ensure that the Cia. Alvo Theater Company continues to work with its purpose: providing access to art that addresses classical virtues and values.

We are delighted and honored to have presented our performances in some of Brazil’s most prestigious theaters. On the other hand, our productions allow us to perform in various venues, even those with limited technical resources.

Find out more about each of our performances and get in touch with us if you would like to bring the Cia. Alvo Theater Company to your city, association, church, or company.


The Awakening of Faith

The adventures of a free-spirited backpacking apostle in Galatia.

The performance combines hilarious escapades with the essence of Pauline letter to provoke meditation on the freedom theme.


The Return to First Love

What can happen when a steel sword meets the blade of the Word?

The spectacle Ephesus takes us on an epic medieval battle with a contemporary assembly that delves deep into our thoughts.

Silently Kept

The meditations of a German soldier who finds in ancient texts the chance to free himself from torment.

There are parallels between the silence of those who witnessed the Holocaust and the contemporary silences that are unpleasant to deal with. What could be kept in the memory of a German soldier who watches, powerless, as his neighbor and childhood friend is taken away by the army because she is Jewish?

My Little Universe

A playful journey inspired by the life and work of Stephen Hawking.

This children’s Play takes place in a special laboratory where anything is possible. In this amazing place, the mind of a great scientist and his son comes together to create the blueprint for a new universe.

The Passenger

Who will be by your side when the seventh trumpet sounds?

An apocalyptic setting, this innovative theatrical performance seeks to integrate the real and virtual worlds.

A meditation on the foundation of the life that we are building and the way we live it. In the echoing of the last trumpet, imagination can be as real as what we call facts.

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