First staged in 2014, the Ephesus play takes us on an epic medieval battle with a contemporary production that delves deep into our thoughts.

Meditating on reason’s ability to disarm the philosophy behind the swords of the Holy War, Ephesus: Returning to First Love takes us on a journey that debates two positions within the same faith.

The story is set in the mid-11th century, where a group of crusaders led by Jean de Clermont sets out for Jerusalem, aiming to reclaim the promised land. Along the way, Christian Heitor and his warriors join the group.

Upon reaching Jerusalem, a portion of the Christians from Ephesus rejects the barbarism of the conflict, causing a divergence of opinions: on one side, the foundations of the Medieval Church wielded by Jean and the concept of the Holy War, and on the other, the foundations of faith and the sacrificial love revealed on the cross.

Seeking to defend the rationale behind his life of battle, Jean captures Heitor, the leader of the Ephesus group, and intends to execute him as a heretic in a public square.

In a single act, the 50-minute play vividly and densely revives a story that makes us think and meditate in a clear and joyful manner. What can happen when the steel sword encounters the sharpest blade in the world?

Director: Fabiano Moreira
Playwriting: Veronica Nobili
Original Sound Track: Rebello Alvarenga
Lighting Design: Bruno Garcia
Set Design: Thiago Martins
Costume Design: Camila Fogaça

Alexandre Paro
Beto Filho
Elaine Silva
Simone Alves
Tania Leite
Luana Chacon – Viola
Leticia Teixeira – Cello
Thaís Casemiro – Violin

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