Director and Founder

With nearly 20 years of experience in the theater industry, Fabiano Moreira has been involved in projects encompassing music, staging, production, and directing, blending purpose and art.

He leads Cia. Alvo as the director and project coordinator, while also being involved in other projects and endeavors.

His extensive experience in various theatrical roles has given him a unique and rare perspective.

Despite his vibrant artistic career, Fabiano remains deeply rooted in his faith and values, effortlessly bringing them into the spotlight with authenticity.

Currently, he serves as the project coordinator of ACRIART and the artistic director of Cia. Alvo Theater Company.

Nurturing New Talent

Training and developing young artists have always been integral part of Fabiano’s journey.

He is increasingly dedicated to guiding young individuals in finding professional paths in the arts, with purpose and entrepreneurial vision.

Through his lectures and mentorship, Fabiano shares his ideas and experiences on building a solid career in the arts, combining personal values, purpose, and technical competence.

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