First staged in 2012, this play combines hilarious escapades with the essence of Pauline letters to provoke meditation on the theme of freedom.

Paul fought religious fundamentalism that emphasized practices no longer necessary, establishing a new foundation for freedom. Galatians is considered the first biblical text accepted by all of Christianity.

Considering that the Galatians were an ancient Celtic people, the play incorporates references to Irish culture, which shares the same origin. This choice is due to the fact that Irish culture is contemporary while preserving ancestral characteristics.

Paul and Silas are tasked with spreading the “Good News” throughout the region of Galatia. Along their journey, they are joined by young Timothy, who becomes Paul’s apprentice, and the trio continues on their path.

However, when they stop at an Irish Pub in Troas, on the shores of the Aegean Sea, they are greeted by Brenno and Brienna and find themselves in the most unusual situations.

The play features a vibrant and playful atmosphere, with musical references that navigate through sacred classical music and the lightness of Irish folk waltzes.

Galatia, and perhaps the world, will never be the same again!

Director: Fabiano Moreira
Playwriting: Kaio J. C. Pezzutti
Original Sound Track: Rebello Alvarenga
Assistant Director and Research: Rhode Mark
Lighting Design: Melissa Guimarães
Set Design: Thiago Martins

Lilly Oliveira
Fernando Araújo
Kaio J. C. Pezzutti
Sérgio Dantas
Bruno Garcia
Luana Chacon – Viola
Natália Bueno – Cello
Thaís Casemiro – Violin

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