There are parallels between the silence of those who witnessed the Holocaust and the contemporary silences that are difficult to confront. What would be kept in the memory of a German soldier who, without taking action, sees his neighbor and childhood friend being taken away by the army for being Jewish?

Staged in 2018, the Silently Kept play immerses us in a historical journey through the memories and records of the Nazi regime, starting from the “Night of Broken Glass” in 1939.

Just like the fragmented scenery, the soldier’s fragmented memory unfolds in meditations on how an individual can alter the course of another’s life.

Struggling with the discomfort of his own omission, which continues to torment his memories, he finds himself faced with only one possibility.

Paul’s letters, written centuries earlier to the Romans, suggest that the torment caused by his silence can be healed. Repentance and a change of mind seem to be the keywords.

But in which direction can this transformation of mind lead a soldier tormented by his choices?

Director: Fabiano Moreira
Playwriting: Patrícia Cretti
Musical Director: Luana Chacon
Original Sound Track: Rebello Alvarenga
Lighting Design: Bruno Garcia
Set Design: Thiago Martins
Costume Design: Pâmela Duncan
Makeup: Débora Santana

Daniel Langer
Guilherme Moilaqua
Victória Vergamine
Bruna Gremelmaier
Caroline Franco
Roberta Gomes

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