Are we immersed in a life of mere performance, or can we still enjoy the simplicity and purity of personal relationships?


The theatrical piece seeks to explore the intense use of the actors’ physical work as well as audiovisual, musical, and scenic resources, dispensing words, allowing for the breaking of language barriers. Its purpose is to transport the audience to an apocalyptic setting, stimulating relevant reflection on the way we live amidst chaos.


Designed to be presented in a realm that combines elements of the real and virtual worlds, and based on the premise that online performances can reach audiences on all continents, the show transcends conventional theater with the aim of democratizing access across the globe.


In a dark period, where humanity becomes increasingly hostile and ungodliness, and chaos spread, a preacher arrives at the central square to deliver his message. However, something is different this time. As if time had lost its chronological count, a new reality unfolds before his eyes. Is what he sees real or merely a product of his imagination? Is this the end of the world? As the story unfolds, we are invited to examine the essence of our own beliefs and the impact of our actions on those around us.


Daniel Langer 

Karina Bonetti 

Roberta Gomes 

Thiago Alcântara



Director: Fabiano Moreira 

Playwrighting: Denis Snoldo Original

Original Sound Track: Emerson Vilani 

Set Design and Props: Diego Dac and Luiza Bark 

Lighting: Bruno Garcia 

Audiovisual Creation: Maxwell Polimanti 

Costumes: Lucinha Oliveira 

Make-up: Débora Santana Artistic 

Production: Paul Marcel Physical 

Preparation: Verônica Nobili and Rafael da Mata

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